Outlander Season 7: Who is Brian Thomson? (Outlander dedication explained)

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Many TV shows will make dedications to important people connected to them. Outlander is no stranger to that. During the premiere episode, there was a dedication to someone many haven’t heard of. Who is Brian Thomson mentioned in the premiere?

TV shows are no stranger to making dedications to people connected to the show that have passed. Supernatural did it for Kim Manners, while The Rookie did it for Annie Wersching. Well, the Outlander Season 7 premiere brought us a dedication for a man named Brian Thomson.

Of course, fans want to know who the show is dedicated. Who was this person to the cast? What were they involved in, or did they write an episode? We’ve taken a look at who Brian Thomson is.

Who was Brian Thomson in Outlander?

This is a dedication we can’t actually get to the bottom of. Thomson’s name doesn’t come up on any of the IMDb lists for writer, director, or any other main cast or crew member. All we know is that he was someone connected to the time travel drama.

Is it possible that he was one of the crew members? Certainly. He may have been security for the sound stage, or he may have been linked to one of the on-location filming sets. There’s also a chance that he was connected to multiple members of the cast or crew personally.

We have tried to get some answers, but there was nothing. We’re sorry that we can’t honor him further by sharing the work that he did on or for this series.

Dedications are always worth looking out for. They appear toward the beginning of the closing credits, but sometimes, the names pop up toward the end of opening credits. It all depends on the best placement.

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