Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 118 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

Claire is out running errands when she is taunted by a group of teenage boys. She’s not really sure what to do, so she keeps moving, but she does find her matron voice in the end. She finds is just as someone with a cart is passing, which helps to scare the boys away.

The man with the cart offers her a ride, which she takes and is able to finish the rest of her errands without much hassle. She’s able to pack up some of her medical supplies at the print shop, and then she heads back to Lord John Grey’s house, which is where the man she worked on in the previous chapter is recovering.

Claire doesn’t go into the house, though. She heads to the garden, where she’s in the middle of uncontrollable crying when Jamie finds her. He wants to know what is wrong and how he can help, which is when Claire opens up to him. I love that she can tell him everything that she’s feeling. Both of them are open with each other, and it makes their marriage stronger.

Claire wants to know if Jamie has ever seen the void. She’s talking about the abyss. This is more than death, and is all about emptiness in life. Jamie certainly has felt like that. The two have sacrificed their souls for each other more times than the can count.

Jamie ends this chapter with thoughts about God. God created hope, and that is something for them to cling to.