3 best Bree moments in the Outlander Season 7 premiere

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Brianna is there to support Roger on his journey to become an ordained minister right now. Here are her top moments from the Outlander Season 7 premiere.

There was a lot going on in the Outlander Season 7 premiere. While Bree didn’t have a lot to do, she still had an important role for Roger’s story. I do hope that we see more of Bree in her own right in the new season, but for now, I’ll take her as a supportive wife.

She isn’t without her opinions, though. And she’s not afraid to share those opinions with her husband. Here are my favorite moments of hers from the premiere episode.

3 best Bree moments from the Outlander Season 7

Like with the other character moments, this one is done in order of when the moments happened in the episode.

Showing her support for her husband

“God luck.” That’s what she came up with as we caught up with where Bree and Roger are right now. Bree could have easily stayed at the Ridge while Roger went off to be ordained. That’s what happened in the books, after all. Yet, she went with him and showed her physical support for this.

All Bree wants is for Roger to be happy. This is what makes him happy, so she wants to help him succeed. That’s a true partnership.

Sharing her issues about Wendigo Donner

Bree immediately knew that Roger was up to something when she saw the bag of food. He didn’t hide the truth, and Bree certainly didn’t hide her opinions of Donner.

It’s easy to understand her position. To be honest, I can understand both Bree and Roger’s views. Bree is still dealing with the trauma of being raped and knowing that people just sat there and allowed it to happen. Remember the boots that had been put by the stairs. She knew people just passed on by.

She didn’t think that Roger would do that. Maybe he wouldn’t have in that situation, but it’s hard to tell. However, Bree has a grudge against those who don’t stand up for others because of her own experience. We get reminded that trauma lasts a long time.

Listening to Roger at the end

If you’ve been in toxic and unhealthy relationships, the ending scene for Bree and Roger will likely mean more to you than those who haven’t been in bad relationships. It can seem foreign to see a couple actually talk to each other. We see it on the beach.

Roger has heard Bree’s words and he goes to apologize. In an unhealthy relationship, Bree could have just pushed him aside and not talked to him for a little while longer. Instead, she listened to him and accepted that he wanted to help in some way. She may not be a forgiving person, but once again, she needs to support her husband in his soulful journey.

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