Who was the prisoner Roger met in the Outlander Season 7 premiere?

Outlander season 7 streaming June 16 on STARZ.
Outlander season 7 streaming June 16 on STARZ. /

While Roger was ministering to prisoners and soldiers, he came across a familiar face in the Outlander Season 7 premiere. Who was this prisoner?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for Outlander Season 7’s premiere

The Outlander Season 7 premiere did not disappoint. When it came to Roger and Bree’s storyline, we picked up with him learning how to become a minister. Part of that meant ministering to soldiers and prisoners.

As one of the soldiers asked the words of advice Roger had, he quoted Muhammad Ali. Of course, that got the attention of one of the prisoners who happened to know where the quote came from. All this prisoner said was “Ali,” and Roger knew that this man wasn’t someone from the 18th century.

Who was the prisoner Roger met in the Outlander Season 7 premiere?

Not sure if you should know the prisoner or not? After all, it certainly seemed like that should be the case. Well, sure enough, we have met this prisoner before.

This was someone who popped up at the end of Season 5 and then we briefly saw him again in Season 6. Wendigo Donner is the Native American man from the 1960s who came through the stones with Otter Tooth. Donner even shares a little more of what happened. He came through with multiple people and none of them landed together.

All Donner wants is to get back home. That’s why he stole the gem that landed him in prison in Wilmington during Outlander Season 6. Now he’s been conscripted to serve his prison time, but he just wants to get back to the stones. He wants Roger to help him do that.

Roger went back and forth on whether to help him escape or not. He hated that Wendigo didn’t help Claire when she was attacked by Lionel’s men, but Wendigo pointed out that he didn’t hurt Claire. He just ran away. That story matched with Claire’s story.

Bree is the one who pointed out how angry she was about Wendigo’s lack of action. She was raped and people just sat by and did nothing to help. All it would have taken was one person to save her, and she doesn’t forgive anyone who just stood by. She thought Roger would be different, but he admitted that he was frozen when Bonnet pushed the girl out of the ship window.

In the end, Roger chose not to help Donner escape. It’s clear this isn’t the last time we’ll see Wendigo Donner in Outlander Season 7.

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