Outlander Season 7 premiere recap: Did Jamie save Claire?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jamie and Young Ian went off to Wilmington to save Claire in the Outlander Season 7 premiere. Here’s a recap of the events.

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Outlander Season 7 premiere.

After a long Droughtlander, we picked up off the back of the Outlander Season 6 finale. Jamie and Young Ian rode to Wilmington in the hope of saving Claire. Meanwhile, we caught up with where Bree and Roger are in the story.

The episode picks up with Claire standing in the gallows. It’s the moment in the trailer that had us worried. Would Jamie need to save Claire from hanging for murder? Fortunately, it turned out that this wasn’t really happening. This was just a vision that Jamie refused to believe. Claire wasn’t dead.

Jamie finds Tom in Wilmington in the Outlander Season 7 premiere

The good news is Claire was still in the jail cell in Wilmington. Soldiers turned up to take her to Governor Martin, who needed a healer. There was a question over whether she was a forger or a murderess, and the forger in the jail cell claimed to be the murderess. And so, Claire went off to a ship where she was needed to help a pregnant Mrs. Martin.

Jamie, who was not only with Young Ian because John Quincy Myers and the Cherokee went back to the Ridge to check on people, found Tom Christie. Tom couldn’t sit outside the jail cell all night and when he came back he didn’t know where Claire had been taken.

It didn’t take long for Jamie to find out where Claire was. That was all thanks to Claire getting a message to Tom and Tom was able to get that to Jamie. So, Jamie managed to get on the ship to arrange for his wife’s freedom. It didn’t quite work, though. Governor Martin wanted Jamie to gather men to fight for the Crown and then he would free Claire.

Tom Christie confesses to murder

Tom decided that he could find a way to save Claire. He would confess to the murder of Malva Christie. He told Claire all about Malva not being his daughter but his niece. He shared that his wife had slept with his brother and that his wife and Malva were both witches.

He also told Claire that Malva was the one who made them both sick. Malva confessed to that when Tom caught her with the sin eater’s bones. So, he said that he killed her.

That wasn’t what happened, though, was it? We all know that this was a false confession, but it was what Claire needed for her freedom. Governor Martin had no choice but to let Claire go.

Claire wasn’t sure whether to believe if Tom did it or not. Did he confess just to save her? That’s what she believes and she feels guilty about that. Jamie also seems to believe that.

That night, Jamie did go to find Richard Brown, who was also in Wilmington. Richard made it clear that his own kin would hunt down Jamie’s, but Jamie shared that Young Ian and the Cherokee were already going after Richard’s family.

The episode ends with Jamie telling Richard to make peace and then we cut to black. Did Jamie kill the man? We’ll need to wait until next Friday to find out.

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 Roger comes across a time traveler in Outlander

When it came to Roger and Bree’s story, we see him ministering to soldiers and thieves. One of those who has been conscripted recognized the Muhammad Ali quote Roger shares as Ali’s quote.

Wait, what? Oh yes, that was Wendigo Donner. Roger and Wendigo talk about how Wendigo ended up where he was. Of course, Roger knows about Wendigo as being with Lionel Brown’s men. Wendigo points out that he didn’t hurt Claire. He just ran away when Jamie’s men came in.

Roger decides that he wants to help the man. That is until he talks to Bree. Bree points out that Wendigo could have chosen to help Claire but didn’t. Had that been Roger, he would have done something. Roger shares the story of the child being pushed out of the boat from Outlander Season 4. Roger was too frozen with fear to do anything.

In the end, Roger chose not to help Wendigo escape. He says a prayer and that’s it. I love that the two were able to talk to one another and listen to each other’s viewpoints. Bree had some great points as the victim of rape while people just sat in silence and waited for it to be over. It’s not surprising that she has a bias against Wendigo. So would I.

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