Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 113 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Claire returning home with fish to make a stew. She and Jenny have a chance to discuss whether Rachel is pregnant yet just as Ian and Rachel get back home. Jamie and Fergus also join them, as well as Marsali, so they all sit down to each together and talk.

Ian shares that while he is joining the war efforts again, he’s not joining Washington’s Army just yet. He will join the Mohawk to take Dottie to New York. Rachel will go with them as Denny is also going. She will help Denny with his surgeries.

It turns out that Henry Grey has word that Benjamin has died. Henry is still too ill to go to New York to find Hal and John Grey, so Dottie is going instead.

After dinner, Claire and Jamie talk about their plans. There is some lovemaking and baby talk (whether Marsali is pregnant or not), but the main focus is on what comes next. Fergus and Marsali seem to still be planning to go to Fraser’s Ridge. Fergus needs to sell his printing press for a good price, and he will then use Jamie’s print press, Bonnie.

Claire brings up the possibility of Marsali being pregnant again. This is one of the reasons Jamie is willing to travel by boat to North Carolina. Originally, it was because Claire may not have been strong enough to travel by land, but now there’s a chance Marsali won’t be.

The two also talk about family. Will Jamie tell William about Bree’s family? He intends to at some point, but there’s only so much William will be allowed to know for now. There’s no talk of time travel, then, I’m assuming.

Claire is mostly happy about going back to the Ridge. They’ll have fewer financial problems there because of the gold, but there are some people Claire isn’t happy about seeing again.