Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 111 breakdown

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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We head back to Claire and Marsali in the printshop in Outlander Book 8, Chapter 111

Claire and Marsali discuss some of the threats that Marsali and Fergus have received in Outlander Book 8, Chapter 111. This is setting up the return to Fraser’s Ridge.

Claire and Jamie worried that they wouldn’t end up back at the Ridge. Well, that’s slowly happening. Now that Jamie has resigned his commission and Claire is healed, it’s time to make their way back.

The question is whether Marsali and her family will join them. Will they remain in Philadelphia, where they have a successful printshop? It turns out that they are facing threats. It doesn’t matter which side of the war they stand on, there is a threat.

This chapter certainly foreshadows things for Fergus and Marsali. I’ll get to my thoughts on that in the foreshadowing section.

I am in two minds about whether the chapter will be used. I’ll get to why that is in the adaptation section. It really all depends on whether Fergus and Marsali will remain part of the story.

Let’s dive into Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 111.