Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 110 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Roger taking stock of the sounds around him. There’s a lot of peace. Now that he has his family back, he can release some of the tension that he’s been holding. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how stressed he must have been considering there was so much more going on.

With the peace, he’s been able to stop the troubling thoughts of what’s to come next. He doesn’t need to worry about what the family will do next or even about what Bree brought in that bag of hers. He can focus on the moment.

After checking on the sleeping children and Bree again, Roger goes to the window. There’s where he sees a light on in Geillis’s house and a man standing outside.

Roger has some sort of vision of Buck in bed with Geillis. Then suddenly, Buck disappears and a blue light forms on Geillis’s abdomen. Is this a hint that Buck is his own father? That would make some sense as it would explain Buck disappearing. A person can’t be in the same timeline as another version of themselves.

The timing is off, though. Even if this is what happened, Buck isn’t conceived for another four years. Geillis has also shown that she is willing to abort a baby if she needs to. McEwan said she did it to his baby. So, is this just Roger’s mind playing some sort of trick on him? It could be the stress getting to him.