Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 110 breakdown

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Roger seems to have a vision in Outlander Book 8, Chapter 110

As Roger is thankful for the things he has, he seems to have a premonition in Outlander Book 8, Chapter 110. It’s all about Buck.

We start the chapter with some peace. Everyone is sleeping except Roger, who is just thankful that he has his family around him. While we’ve seen everything that’s happened to all the characters, Roger has been without his family for some time now. He is a family man, and this moment shows that.

However, his thoughts can’t stay with his family. He sees a man waiting outside of Geillis’s house, and then he seems to have some sort of vision or possible premonition. Does it explain what happens when two people are in the same timeline? Does it raise far more questions about Geillis and her baby?

This chapter pushes the plot forward. I don’t see too much in the way of foreshadowing, and I’ll get to that in the right part of the chapter.

As for whether it will be used in the TV series, I think it will. I’ll get to my thoughts on that in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 110.