Is Love Again on HBO Max?

Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023.
Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023. /

There is no doubt Outlander fans want to check out Love Again for Sam Heughan. Where will you be able to stream it at home? Will it come to HBO Max?

Right now, there is only one place to head to watch Love Again. You will need to go to theaters. The movie is certainly worth the trip, especially if you love good old-fashioned rom-coms. This is a predictable but cute storyline, and we’re going to see it to support Sam, right?

The movie follows Sam as Rob Burns. He finds out that he has the old number of a guy who died unexpectedly. He only finds out because the guy’s fiance is texting the number as she struggles to grieve his loss. Rob is a man who doesn’t really believe in love, but these text messages could change everything.

Where to stream Love Again online

If you’ve seen it in theaters,  you’ll want to see it again at home. If you haven’t seen it in theaters, yu may be waiting for it to come to a streaming platform near you. Which is that platform going to be?

Will Love Again come to HBO Max? That is not going to happen. At least, not right away.

This is a Sony movie, and Sony currently has an agreement with Netflix. The movie will initially head to that streaming platform, probably within the next six to eight months. It is not going to stay on Netflix, though. The movie will eventually head to other streaming platforms, and we’ll start to see it changing some time within the next couple of years.

It’s not clear where it will go after that. That will all depend on who lands the next streaming contract.

If you don’t want Netflix and can’t wait for it to head to a platform you do have, you’ll want to get Love Again on Digital. That’s going to arrive in a few months.

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Love Again is currently out in theaters.