Is Love Again on Netflix?

Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023.
Sony Pictures and Screen Gems movie Love Again in theaters May 5, 2023. /

Love Again is now available to watch in theaters, but where and when can you watch the Sam Heughan movie at home? Will it be on Netflix?

There is no doubt that you’ve been to see Love Again in theaters. It’s a highly-predictable rom-com, but it’s cute and we’re watching it for Sam Heughan, right?

This is a movie that went through multiple date and title changes. We were worried at one point that it would lead to the movie not coming out at all, but now it’s out and it was worth the wait. Heughan plays Rob Burns, a man who gets a second phone for work and winds up receiving a bunch of text messages from a woman who is texting her late fiance’s number. This gives him an in when it comes to figuring out what she likes to see if love is real.

Where to stream Love Again online

The movie is only just out in theaters. That means it’s not coming to streaming any time soon, but it will eventually head a to streaming platform. Which one is it going to be?

As a Sony movie, it’s going to head to Netflix. Sony and Netflix formed a deal back in 2022 and that deal is still in place. Before that, the Sony movies headed to STARZ, and in a way, it is a shame for Outlander fans that that deal is no longer in place.

When will Love Again come to Netflix? That’s hard to say. There isn’t a set timeframe for the releases. It all depends on how well the movies are doing in theaters. It will be sometime this year, though. It’s usually within six to eight months.

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Love Again is currently out in theaters and will come to Netflix.