What year is Outlander Season 1 set in?

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Outlander Season 1 introduces us to the many characters we fall in love with. What year is this season set in?

When we start Outlander Season 1, we meet Claire Randall. She is in Scotland with her husband Frank Randall, and many would have been curious about how she ends up with Jamie Fraser. It doesn’t take long to get to the bottom of the story.

The series initially starts in 1945, which is also the year the original story takes place in. It’s worth noting that there are versions of the book that are set in 1946. This was due to corrections made when Diana Gabaldon learned that most places in the UK still had rationing in 1945. Claire and Frank wouldn’t have likely made their trip until the year after.

However, the TV series sticks with 1945 as the year of travel. It’s October 1945 to be exact. While the book is around Beltane, the series opts for Samhain as the initial date for Claire’s travel.

When does Claire go back to in Outlander Season 1?

When Claire travels through the stone, she goes back 202 years to the past. She ends up in 1743, two years before the Jacobite rebellion.

The rest of the first season pretty much takes place throughout 1743. However, there are some flashes back to 1945 to see what Frank is doing as he searches for Claire. In the books, we don’t get to see what Frank does when Claire goes through the stones. I do like the fact that the show adds this in so we can feel something for this man.

The first season ends around 1744. Claire and Jamie flee Scotland for France in an attempt to prevent the Jacobite rebellion from happening. Of course, we know how that ends for them.

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