Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 74 breakdown

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When it comes to Jamie, we get to see Ian come up with news of what he’s seen. Of course, nobody seems to act on it at all. So, Ian heads off to Cornwallis to share the information with instead. Jamie is left with his troops, some of whom have nothing to do. When a messenger arrives to tell Jamie to do something about the cannon in the orchard farm, neither of them know where the orchard farm is. Then they hear the cannon.

As for John, he is now out of captivity, but he’s in between the two sides. There is a risk of him being shot by either side. If the Americans find him, he’s sure to be hanged this time. All the while, he has Hal’s voice in his head telling him not to trust Percy. John is a father, though. He worries for William, and he would rather put his life on the line believing that Percy was telling the truth that William is in danger.

While all that goes on, we spend some time with Claire. She is with Denny, Dottie, and Rachel, and they are heading to a church, which will be their base of operations. On the way there, Denny and Claire talk about bravery and it’s a hard topic for Denny, as a Quaker. Claire makes it clear that Denny is still a brave man. He played the “deserter’s game” that could have led to death, and he’s stepped up when needed in this battle.

Denny does talk about Dottie’s bravery. He thinks that Dottie is very much like her father and brother, and I love that he respects her in a way a lot of men wouldn’t in this time period.

When they get to the church, Claire is prevented from going inside. Captain Leckie doesn’t believe that Claire is suitable for the church. He doesn’t think she’s good enough to treat the wounded. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about her experience. Claire realizes that she can’t fight this. She will treat the wounded outside and triage everyone. Those who need surgery will be sent inside.