Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 71 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Claire working on Lord John Grey one last time. At one point, Germain suggests that they use vinegar on his eye. The honey is going to attract too many insects. Of course, Claire knows that they can’t use vinegar, but she does decide that John needs to have the mint oil placed on John’s face and neck to help.

As Fergus goes to find Jamie to see if Claire has time to dress John’s eye, Claire tries to ask about Percy. John is not interested in talking about his feelings for Percy. One thing he does say is that Percy is probably not a threat to Fergus and Germain. He also doesn’t think that Percy harbors any feelings for him.

John is concerned for Claire, though. They can’t talk too much. People are sure to find out that John is a spy. He has the letter of his commission in his pocket. This is the only incriminating evidence, but it is enough. Claire needs to stay away from him otherwise she will be accused of colluding with him.

Claire notes that Captain John Andre will be found guilty of being a spy in two years. He will be hanged by the Colonists for the crime.

It’s clear that this is also something that Jamie is concerned about. After Claire bids goodbye to John, she joins her husband. Jamie hasn’t told Washington about John, but once everyone finds out about Jamie and John’s close connection, Jamie and Claire will be in a lot of trouble. That’s especially the case if John escapes.

Jamie leaves Claire with Ian so the two can wait for Denny Hunter. Jamie heads off to join his men, and he refuses to say goodbye to Claire. This is not the last time they will see each other.