My Grandparents’ War exclusive sneak peek: Kit Harington learns about his spy grandfather

My Grandparents' War -- Courtesy of PBS
My Grandparents' War -- Courtesy of PBS /

My Grandparents’ War is a great chance for celebrities to learn more about the things their grandparents did during World War II. Find out all about Kit Harington’s grandfather who was both spy and spy catcher.

As we look for more content to get us through Droughtlander, PBS is a place often overlooked. Sure, you’re watching Call the Midwife and Sanditon on Sundays, but what about the rest of the week? There is a lot that will help Sassenachs fill the void of everything British.

My Grandparents’ War sees celebrities learn about the things their grandparents did during the war. This is certainly a series worth watching during Droughtlander. After all, Outlander started at the end of World War II and we know Claire was a nurse. What was life really like back then?

On Tuesday, April 11, it’s all about Game of Thrones and Gunpowder actor Kit Harington as he learns more about his grandfather, who was both spy and spy catcher.

Kit Harington learns of his grandfather’s mission in My Grandparents’ War

In this exclusive sneak peek of My Grandparents’ War, we get to see Harington learn about his grandfather. MI6 will ring a lot of bells for Outlander fans. That was Frank Randall’s job! Only, Frank didn’t have the mission that Harington’s grandfather did.

It turns out this very real spy was sent to Jamaica on a mission to watch over a very special target. It’s all about the Duke of Windsor. Yes, the abdicated King Edward VIII. Could you imagine being the spy who was reporting on the comings and goings of this well-known Nazi sympathizer and one half of one of the first biggest celebrity couples?

Take a look at the sneak peek to learn more about John Harington and the task he had to do:

This season also features Keira Knightly, Toby Jones, and Emilie Sande as they learn more about the things their grandparents experienced during World War II.

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My Grandparents’ War Season 2 premieres on Tuesday, April 11 at 8/7c on PBS.