Outlander Season 7 will definitely be split in two

Outlander season 7. Image courtesy Robert Wilson. © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Outlander season 7. Image courtesy Robert Wilson. © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

Outlander Season 7 finally has a premiere date, but it came with some bad news for those wanting 16 episodes in one. The season will be split in two.

STARZ has confirmed that we’ll get Outlander Season 7 at the start of the summer. The series is moving to Friday nights, but this isn’t anything to be concerned about. We already know there’s an eighth and final season coming.

When releasing the news about the premiere date, STARZ also confirmed that the season will be split in two. As soon as I found out there would be 16 episodes, I suspected this. STARZ isn’t known for running 16 episodes back to back of a series. In fact, even the first season of the series was split in two parts.

When will Outlander Season 7, Part 2 come to STARZ?

Now the big question is how long the next Droughtlander will be. Assuming that there will be a week break at some point in the summer—because it seems like almost every STARZ show gets a week break—we’re looking at the Part 1 finale airing around Aug. 11.

What we know is that STARZ will bring the second half of the season in 2024. That was announced in the press release that STARZ sent out with the Outlander Season 7 premiere date. With an August finale for the first half of the season, we could see the second half arrive in February 2024. This would give us a Valentine’s Day return and keep Droughtlander to a minimum.

By this point, Season 8 could be close to finishing or at least a good partway through filming. It could mean just a year’s wait for the final season, keeping that last Droughtlander relatively short compared to others.

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