Will Black Jack Randall return in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There are some characters we could do without seeing again, and Black Jack Randall is one of them. Could he return in Outlander Season 7, though?

If we had our own way, the only way Black Jack Randall would come back to the show is if someone went back in time to kill him before he could become the psycho that he is. That’s not going to happen, though. Even without the books, we know that major events don’t change, and Black Jack Randall is a pretty major event for Jamie and Claire.

That doesn’t mean we can’t see him again. We know that Outlander Season 7 will see a few characters who have already died in the series. Will we see Black Jack Randall, too?

Is Black Jack Randall in Outlander Season 7?

We haven’t seen Tobias Menzies back on the Outlander Season 7 set, but that doesn’t mean he won’t return. After all, the show is pretty good at avoiding a lot of spoilers. This would be a huge spoiler that the series probably doesn’t want to reveal.

The characters who are coming back are in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, the eighth book in the story. They connect to Roger’s journey, as he heads to Lallybroch in the 1730s. While there, he does head out to Fort William, and that’s where he meets Black Jack Randall.

Could the show tell this story? This is going to depend on one thing: will the book give us the whole of Roger’s story that is connected to why he meets Black Jack Randall? Roger only meets the man because he had Roger’s father’s dog tags. Yes, somehow, Jerry’s dog tags end up in the 18th century. That leads Roger on a journey to find out more about the father he doesn’t remember, the father he believed died in the war.

If that storyline isn’t used, then there’s no need to have Black Jack Randall show up. He can be mentioned, but we don’t need to see him. If the storyline is used, won’t we need to see Black Jack Randall and hear Roger’s reasoning for not killing the man already?

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