Karen Pirie renewed for Season 2: Which book will the season be based on?

Karen Pirie -- Courtesy of BritBox
Karen Pirie -- Courtesy of BritBox /

With Outlander slowly coming to an end, the actors need to find other projects. Lauren Lyle has hit gold with Karen Pirie.

If you haven’t checked out Lauren Lyle in Karen Pirie just yet, you need to turn to BritBox. The three episodes of Season 1 are available to binge-watch, and they are brilliant. We get to see Lyle in a modern, sarcastic role, who is everything I could envision Marsali being if Marsali was in the 21st century.

It’s been a while since that first season dropped. There have been a lot of questions about whether it would be renewed or not. The thing with UK dramas is that renewals can happen months or even years later and nobody really bats an eyelid.

Is Karen Pirie renewed for Season 2?

There is some excellent news for Karen Pirie fans. Lyle will be back in the lead role for Season 2.

Emer Kenny, who adapted the series from Val McDermid’s books, will also return behind the scenes (and in front of the camera). We expect the same great things then.

The second season will be based on McDermid’s second book in the Pirie series, The Darker Domain. There will be some elements of the book already used in the first season for Karen’s character development as the first book doesn’t feature the detective as much as the series did. However, it’s the case that is the main development for Season 2.

In the second book, Karen is tasked with another cold case. She’ll reopen an investigation into an unsolved kidnapping. This happened in 1985 in the book and involved a wealthy heiress and her son. The TV series may opt to pull the timeline forward a little in the way that it did with the first season.

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Karen Pirie is available to stream on BritBox, which is available via Amazon Channels.