What time is Carnival Row Season 2 on Prime Video tonight?

Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Carnival Row -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The first two episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 drop on Prime Video tonight. What time can you start streaming them to get through more of Droughtlander?

Carnival Row is going to be a great way to get through a little more of Droughtlander. We’ll get two episodes per week for the next five weeks, giving us something set in a fictional past back. This is a mix of historical fiction and fantasy when you consider all the themes involved.

One of the reason Outlander fans will want to check it out is for Andrew Gower. He is back, and you’ll see him in the very first episode. His role only promises to get bigger as he focuses on finding his sister Imogen, who ran away with the faun Agreus at the end of the first season.

Of course, there are some themes of rebellion throughout. The fae are rising up against their oppressors, and it’s time for liberty and freedom.

Carnival Row Season 2 premiere release time on Prime Video

What time can you start watching the first two episodes? The official release time is midnight UK time on Friday, Feb. 17. There is some great news for fans across North America, though.

Global originals work by time zone. While fans in the UK get to watch it at midnight, we’ll get to watch it as early as 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Feb. 16. Yes, that is tonight!

There’s no guarantee of the early release. After all, Feb. 17 is the official date, but we often see the release happening much earlier. If you’ve got nothing else to watch tonight, I suggest keeping an eye on your Prime Video account. If it’s not there early, it will be available by midnight local.

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Carnival Row is streaming on Prime Video.