For All Mankind Season 4 is not coming in February 2023

Joel Kinnaman and Sonya Walger in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Joel Kinnaman and Sonya Walger in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Are you ready for more space thrillers? Of course you are. There’s some bad news about For All Mankind Season 4 right now, though.

There is still a little bit of good news about For All Mankind Season 4. It is still happening. While Ron D. Moore is no longer a showrunner, he is still involved in the production of the series, and it is still his baby. We’re there for it as Outlander fans, right?

The bad news is the new season won’t premiere in February 2023. We didn’t expect it, of course, but we still double-checked the list of February releases on Apple TV+ just in case there was a surprise.

When will For All Mankind Season 4 come to Apple TV+?

We’re not expecting the new season any time soon, but we could see it before 2023 comes to an end. It’s not going to be something to get through this current stretch of Droughtlander.

Filming of For All Mankind Season 4 is still happening. It’s expected to wrap some time this month, but we don’t have all the details as of yet. Once filming is complete, it’s time for post-production, and this could take six to eight months for a series like this. It could mean a late 2023 premiere date if we are going to see it this year.

This is a pretty well-oiled machine. Even during the main part of the pandemic, we didn’t see the series struggle with filming and time frames in the way that other shows did. That suggests that keeping the turnaround time for the new season to a minimum is possible. Maybe other shows need to take some pointers from it to see how to keep things running smoothly.

We also don’t see Apple TV+ suddenly canceling and writing off this series like other streamers have done. Apple TV+ has been pretty good at renewing shows and keeping them going.

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.