Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 13 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Jamie, who is still stuck with the Hardmans right now. Stretching his leg caused a ping of pain in his back, waking him up from his sleep. He needs the privy, and that means two of Mrs. Hardman’s children need to help him there.

While there are some humorous lines in this chapter, it’s mostly about the life of the regular people during the Revolutionary War. The girls explain that they see British soldiers heading away from Philadelphia with household supplies. They don’t know what’s going on.

They also explain that their father is possibly dead. He’s a Friend, and all Friends are believe to be Loyalists. Is that really the case? Message doesn’t travel fast in the 1700s.

Over to John, we see him with Denny Hunter. Denny says that John is running a fever and can’t be moved yet. To help his case, John pretends to be incoherent and says “I am a fish” in German. Smith wants to move John as soon as possible and tells Denny to treat the prisoner.

Denny wishes that Claire could be here, which is when John tells Denny that Jamie is still alive. The two are no longer married. Denny is sure that Claire or Ian would find a way to save John. That’s what he wants. Smith interrupts them. It’s time to take John to see George Washington.

Finally, we head to Claire. She is still treating Hal, while Mrs. Figg has Friends of hers coming to fix the windows and door. Jenny is also helping to treat Hal, while also boarding up the bedroom windows.

There are still concerns about people coming looking for Hal. Claire promises that she will deal with it all. Hal wants to rejoin his regiment in New York. He’ll be able to make arrangements there to keep Claire safe.