Will the ghost be explained in Outlander Season 8?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 8 is going to be the final season, and it needs to answer a few questions. One of those is all about the ghost in the pilot episode.

Since finding out that Outlander Season 8 would be the last, we’ve started thinking about all the questions we need answering. The final season is likely to come out ahead of Book 10, but the good news is Diana Gabaldon has shared some of the ending with certain people in production, including Sam Heughan.

This could mean some of the big questions that will be answered in Book 10 will come up in the eighth season. One of those is all about the ghost in the pilot episode.

We know the ghost is Jamie. Diana Gabaldon has confirmed this, and there’s no mistaking him as Jamie in the pilot episode. The big question for many is how he’s there, especially dressed in what seems to be his Culloden clothing.

Will Outlander Season 8 answer the ghost question?

We don’t yet know just how Season 8 will end. There are no teases as to whether it’s going to end with “Hello the House” from the end of the eighth book, or if there will be a chance to bring some of the Book 10 ending storylines. Some of this is all going to depend on how much time is available to tell some of the storylines from Books 8, 9, and the future 10.

One that could come up is the ghost. It’s possible to craft that ending since Gabaldon already knows it. Fans could get a chance to see some of the answers before the 10th book is even out. All we need is just an explanation as to how Jamie ends up watching Claire through the window in the 1940s.

The downside to this is that book fans don’t get the first look. There’s a chance that the storyline from the book could be ruined in a way. Just look at how Game of Thrones fans reacted to the final season, and fans are still waiting for the next book in the story! Could it be wiser for the writers to end with the eighth book and leave the ghost mystery for Diana Gabaldon to share?

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Would you like answers to the ghost question in Outlander Season 8’s finale? What do you hope is included in the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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