What is Written in My Own Heart’s Blood about?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Book 8 is titled Written in My Own Heart’s Blood and is referred to as MOBY for short. What is this eighth book in the series about?

We move onto the eighth Outlander book today. Before we get into that first chapter, it’s worth looking at what this novel is about.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood is set in multiple timelines. Some people are on the move again, while others are just trying to stay out of danger. Then there are others who are figuring out who they are and what they’re meant to do with their lives.

Everything picks up off the back of An Echo in the Bone, which certainly left us with questions about a lot of characters. The seventh book also introduced a few new characters and brought others back into the story, all of which are more prominent moving forward.

What to expect in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

For Claire and Jamie, the story picks up after John revealed that he had married Claire. He also revealed that he had slept with Claire. Jamie was pretty calm at this point. After all, it was clear why John married Claire—they both believed Jamie to be dead.

In the eighth book, we see how Jamie takes the situation in full. He learns much more about one of the nights John and Claire slept with each other, and we see how friendships are ruined.

Meanwhile, there’s William, who has now found out that Jamie is his father. He’s hurt and angry, which isn’t that surprising. After all, he’s been lied to his whole life. Throughout Outlander Book 8, he’s forced to figure out who he is compared to who he has always believed to be.

Also in the 18th century, we continue with Ian’s story. At the end of An Echo in the Bone, he and Rachel choose each other. Arch Bug is dead, and Ian can be with Rachel without fear of Arch coming to kill her. We get to see this relationship blossom.

What about Bree and Roger? They’re separated. Bree is stuck in the 1980s, trying to protect Mandy and Jem. However, the last we saw of Jem, he was stuck in the hydro-dam tunnel. Bree and Mandy came face-to-face with Rob Cameron, who clearly wants the gold that Jem knows about.

Roger is in the past with Buck. We see that journey play out throughout the eighth book, with the two of them coming across some very familiar faces. How does Buck react when he sees his parents? That’s something to look forward to in the reading.

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