Will Outlander Season 7 include some of Book 8?

Outlander Season 7 is mostly focused on An Echo in the Bone. However, there are signs that we’ll get some of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood this season.

Since the beginning of the series, the show is mostly one book per season. Every now and then, there is something from another book included. This is often to add to a specific story being told, such as the use of Graham Menzies in Outlander Season 5 despite the character being in Voyager.

There is always a chance that the show won’t get to finish the full story. Diana Gabaldon has 10 books in mind for the main series, but this is an expensive show. STARZ could decide that seven seasons is going to be the last. It may decide eight seasons it. Hey, we might get 10 seasons. We just have no idea.

Neither do the writers. So, it’s not surprising that there are hints some of the eighth book will be used in Outlander Season 7.

Expect Roger’s story from Book 8 in Outlander Season 7

The main storyline that we’re expecting to see from Written in My Own Heart’s Blood is when Roger is going through the stones to find Jemmy. The recent casting announcement makes it clear that some of the Book 8 characters are coming into the story already. They include Dougal MacKenzie, Geillis Duncan, and Brian Fraser.

Based on some of the images leaked from filming in Liverpool, it also looks like some of Lord John Grey and Jamie’s storyline is going to be included. While this storyline gets started at the end of Book 7, it’s in the eighth book that we see most of it play out. Jamie learns everything that happened while Claire and John believed him dead.

What do you think about the show including some of Book 8 in Outlander Season 7? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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