What’s going on with The Nevers Season 1, Part 2?

The Nevers key art - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein
The Nevers key art - Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein /

We have waited patiently to see The Nevers Season 1, Part 2. Now we’re wondering if those episodes are ever going to air considering the latest news.

Deadline brought The Nevers fans some disappointing news. The first six episodes of the series are being removed from HBO Max. The show is going to the FAST program, although it wasn’t too clear what that meant at first.

It turns out that Warner Bros. Discovery is going to offer select shows to the free streaming platforms. These are the likes of Freevee, Tubi, and PlutoTV. They are all ad-supported, and they tend to benefit from licensing content from other networks and streaming platforms. It’s not clear which one The Nevers will go to right now.

Is The Nevers Season 1, Part 2 happening?

Now all eyes are on when the six episodes that filmed in 2022 will air on the streamer. This is where we get a lot of bad news. There is a chance that we won’t get to see those episodes. It all depends on whether a free streamer picks up the show. If one doesn’t, then those six episodes are going to be left unaired by the sounds of things for HBO Max. Maybe the series could be released straight to DVD if a home can’t be found.

When the episodes do air, that’s going to be it. The Nevers has been canceled with the decision to pull the show off HBO Max. It turns out that the six episodes were written to give us a conclusion, though, so it’s not all too bad. At least there shouldn’t be any major cliffhangers.

We’ll keep an eye on things for this series. It is a shame if the six episodes don’t air, especially for Laura Donnelly who was the leading lady in this series.

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Stay tuned for all things The Nevers and more to get through Droughtlander.