Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 96 breakdown

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /
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Outlander Season 6
Outlander Season 6 — Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We get to see where Jemmy currently is in Outlander Book 7, Chapter 96

It’s time to find out what Rob Cameron actually did to Jem in Outlander Book 7, Chapter 96. The best thing is this chapter is all from Jemmy’s point of view.

We get to see what Jem is seeing around him, which isn’t a lot at first. He’s somewhere dark and cold, and he figures out that it’s much colder than when he would wait for dear with Jamie when he was in the past.

There are a few things that I adore about this chapter, and the biggest is probably seeing that connection between Jem and Mandy. We’ve already seen some of it in the past. It’s clear the two are connected in ways much bigger than normal siblings. Mandy knew that Rob had taken Jem to the stones before anyone even knew Jem was missing.

Well, in this chapter, we see that Jem shares the ability. He can sense that Mandy is safe, and I think this foreshadows a lot for the two of them in the story. I’ll get to that in the foreshadowing section of the post.

I really hope that this chapter is used in Outlander Season 7. I’ll get to why I hope for that in the adaptation section.

Let’s dive into An Echo in the Bone Chapter 96.