Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 91 breakdown

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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

This chapter pushes the story forward for Bree. She is in danger, but we also learn that Jem isn’t in the past. What does that mean for Roger and Buck?

However, the foreshadowing in the chapter seems to be from the letter. What does Frank mean by Bree being “a dangerous person?” He went through a few descriptions that involved danger, with a lot focused on Bree being in danger, but he settled for her being the dangerous one. We haven’t got to that in the books that I can think of, so what’s going to happen in the 10th book that gives her that description?

Adapting An Echo in the Bone chapter

I expect to see this chapter in the series. While I wouldn’t usually expect Outlander to use a letter chapter without showing us what is being shared, this is different. This drives it home that Frank definitely researched the past and got Bree ready for her journey back in time. We also get that “a dangerous person” line making us wonder what Bree is going to do.

Of course, the end has to be used. Roger goes through the stones, and Rob is still in the present day. That suggests Jem is too. We need to see how all this plays out in the TV series.

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