Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 84 breakdown

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This short chapter makes it clear that Ian Murray is close to death. He wants to see Jamie in private, which makes it clear that he has already said his goodbyes to Jenny. While Jamie says goodbye to Ian, he wonders how he would say goodbye to Claire. That’s a thought he doesn’t really want in his mind right now.

After Ian’s death, a weight is lifted off Jenny’s shoulders. I feel like this is a sign a lot of caregivers end up feeling. It’s that relief that the person they have cared for all this time is now at peace. It’s that relief that they can now live their own lives without feeling guilty for not being with the sick person.

Jenny realizes that there is nothing left for her in Scotland. Ian is no longer with her physically, but he will always be with her spiritually. She doesn’t need to be in Scotland to be close to him anymore, so she wants to go to America with Jamie.

Jamie uses this chance to find out how Brian Fraser died. He’d always known it was a stroke, but Brian’s death wasn’t instant. We find out that Dougal had come to see Brian and shared that Jamie would be okay. Jamie wished he was there to say he was sorry, but Jenny points out that Brian already knew that.

Jamie apologizes to Jenny. He should never have believed what Dougal had said about Jenny and Black Jack Randall.

The end sees the two wonder where Ian is now. What is there after death?