Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 82 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Laoghaire coming to see Claire. Laoghaire has received a letter from Marsali. Henri-Christian is struggling to breathe, and Claire immediately realizes that it is likely sleep apnea. This could be life-threatening.

Of course, Claire would return to Philadelphia to save Henri-Christian. Laoghaire doesn’t realize the bond Claire has with Laoghaire’s daughter and grandchildren, so Claire is able to use this to her advantage.

She will do it as long as Laoghaire marries Joey and releases Jamie from the alimony payments. This isn’t just for Jamie and her, but for Joanie, too. Joan wants to go to France to become a nun, and she can’t do that while Laoghaire and Joey live in sin.

Ned Gowan returns to draw up the contract. There are a few extra elements to the contract.

Jamie still wants to give Joan her dowry, but Ned isn’t certain that he should give the dowry since Joan isn’t getting married. Jamie says that Joan will be a Bride of Christ, so that means she needs her dowry. Joan only wants part of the dowry to gift to the convent.

Jamie will give the rest of the money for the upkeep of Balriggan. Laoghaire, who will own the place, will get £20 per year to use on the upkeep. There must be proof of the upkeep before Jamie gives anymore. This is a great way to ensure Laoghaire has a place to live, the place itself remains standing for Marsali and future occupants, and to make sure Joan’s dowry that he’d already promised goes to good use.

Claire will head to Philadelphia alone. It’s not something Claire and Jamie like, but Jamie needs to remain with Jenny for the time being. Claire will leave with Michael and Joan, who are on their way to France.