Outlander Season 7 is not coming in December 2022

Outlander -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson, STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson, STARZ /

It’s another month with bad news about Outlander Season 7 premiering on STARZ. What do we know about the return of the show so far?

We have more bad news when it comes to Outlander Season 7. The show is not going to premiere on STARZ in December. That means we’re not seeing it in 2022, but that wasn’t all too surprising, was it? Even though Deadline reported a while back that we’d see it in late 2022 or early 2023, we didn’t really think that 2022 was all that realistic.

So, what do we know about the show’s return? Is there a potential return date in sight?

When will Outlander Season 7 premiere on STARZ?

We are looking at 2023, but there are a lot of questions as to when. It could be early 2023 with the release of the first half of the season. We know the first eight episodes have been filmed, so they could go through post-production now and be ready for the new year. However, STARZ has a lot of shows to bring to fans in the new year, and that could push the release of this season back a little.

Filming is still happening and is set to continue until February or March 2023 at least. If STARZ is going to release the full season at once, then we’re looking at a late 2023 premiere date. However, we just don’t see that happening based on how STARZ usually releases its TV shows.

Outlander Season 7 filming happened in Liverpool earlier this month. The English city is being used as the backdrop for Philadelphia in 1770. Fans spotted Sam Heughan and David Berry filming recently, and book fans are sure to know which part of the story this is from. Jamie does not look happy with Lord John Grey!

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