Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 69 breakdown

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Outlander spoilers - Outlander Season 7
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Jamie is allowed to take Simon Fraser’s body back to Scotland in Outlander Book 7, Chapter 69

We finally see how Jamie and Claire will head to Scotland in Outlander Book 7, Chapter 69. It’s all thanks to the connection to Brigadier General Simon Fraser.

There’s a truce between the British and the Americans in this chapter. The two are evenly matched, and so both General Gates and General Burgoyne decide that it’s time to wave the white flag and go their separate ways.

This takes out the threat of William seeing Jamie. It also sets up the story as to how Jamie and Claire will be able to get to Scotland. What about Ian, though? Well, Jamie thinks of an option that is rather similar to a certain Bonnie Prince.

I would love to see the chapter used in the TV series, especially a mention as to how Ian could get to Scotland. We may see some of it, and I’ll get to my thoughts on that in the adaptation section.

It continues to foreshadow William figuring out the truth, though. I’ll get to that in the foreshadowing part of the post.

Let’s dive into An Echo in the Bone Chapter 69.