Will Wil Johnson return in House of the Dragon Season 2?

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House of the Dragon had many Outlander actors, and one of them was Wil Johnson. Will he return in the second season of the series?

We know Wil Johnson as Dr. Joe Abernathy in Outlander. We saw him in a couple of episodes of Season 3, and he is still mentioned now and then in the series when the time is right. Of course, we love seeing Outlander actors in other projects, and one of those for Johnson has been House of the Dragon.

The series included a few Outlander names. We got to see Graham McTavish and Bill Patterson in prominent roles throughout the first season. Now eyes are on what’s to come in Season 2. Will Johnson return to the series?

Cauion: From this point, we’re getting into spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1.

Wil Johnson is not in House of the Dragon Season 2

Okay, there could be a way to bring him back through flashbacks or even some sort of magic in this fantasy series, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll see Wil Johnson in House of the Dragon Season 2. The simple fact is that his character died in the first season.

We saw Johnson in two episodes of the series as Vaemond Velaryon, the brother of Corlys, the Sea Snake. When it looked like Corlys was going to die, there were questions about who would take over Driftmark. Vaemond did not believe the legitimacy of Rhaenyra’s children, so didn’t think they were his (presumed dead) nephew’s children.

He decided he wanted the throne. A very ill Viserys finally made it to the discussions, where he made it clear that Rhaenyra’s son, Jace, would be the heir to the Driftmark throne. With Vaemond making it clear he doubted the legitimacy of the boy, Daemon decided to chop off his head…he got to keep his tongue, though!

We don’t usually see dead characters come back in the Game of Thrones universe unless they’re turned into White Walkers or a priest with the Lord of Light brings them back. With the White Walkers not in this prequel series and seeing how the bodies of the Velaryons are placed underwater in caskets, we’re not likely to see him come back in that fashion. It’s unlikely we’ll see the Lord of Light bring Vaemond back.

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