Sasnak City 2022: Two new guests added

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There are more changes to the guest lineup at Sasnak City 2022. One actor can no longer make it, but there are two new people to meet.

As we get closer to Sasnak City 2022, there is a chance there will be more changes to the guest lineup. Filming schedules are always going to take precedent, and that’s the reason one of the actors has had to drop out of the event.

We won’t get to meet Andrew Gower at The Gathering 2022 after all. He has a new production, although we don’t have the details of them just yet. While we would love to say it’s Carnival Row Season 3, we’re still waiting for the second season and there are a lot of signs the second season is the last.

Two Season 1 actors at Sasnak City 2022

We’re going to get to see two more actors who first appeared in the series during Season 1. The first is also going to be in the show in Season 7. Andrew Whipp is attending the convention for the very first time.

Yes, this is Brian Fraser, Jamie’s grandfather father (yep, too many thoughts happening at once!). We’re hoping to see some sort  photo op with Duncan Lacroix as well. We know Murtagh was in love with Ellen Fraser and ended up being Jamie’s godfather, which means he must have had some sort of relationship with Brian Fraser.

We’ll also get to meet Finn den Hertog. He played Willie during the first season. No, not Jamie’s son. Willie was the young member of the MacKenzie clan who wasn’t anything like Rupert and Angus. He was actually quite sweet but had to be quickly written out of the show with the Dynamic Duo explaining he got married.

We will have a third new guest at Sasnak City 2022. This is a surprise guest. We’re sure it won’t be David Berry again, so who could make a surprise appearance this time? What we do know is not to expect Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe, but what about Graham McTavish? Or maybe Richard Rankin or Sophie Skelton? There are so many actors it could be!

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Sasnak City 2022 takes place Nov. 17 to 21. Take a look at all the guests announced.