Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022 has some guest changes

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We’re less than a month out from Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022. There are some guest changes to be aware of. Who isn’t coming, and who now is?

When it comes to Outlander conventions, we know that guest changes can happen. Actors always need to put their careers first, and that means taking on projects with schedules that can end up clashing with conventions. If you’ve been to any sort of convention in the past, you know the deal.

Sasnak City has been no stranger to this happening in the past. There have been changes for many actors before, and it’s not too surprising to find out that it’s happened again in 2022. This is why I always recommend going for the experience over meeting one particular guest.

Who isn’t coming to Sasnak City 2022?

There are two guests who can no longer make it to The Gathering this year. The first announced was Gary Lewis, who has a production clash. It’s not clear what production that is, but we wish him all the best. Of course, we’re excited to see him in another show or movie!

The second guest announced was Lauren Lyle. Lyle is a rising star, and we do have a few details about what Lyle is currently up to. She’s in the Dominican Republic filming a thriller. We’ll share more details on Monday, Oct. 24.

Who is coming to Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022?

There are two new guests added, and I’m sure fans are going to be excited. The first is Jessica Reynolds, who played Malva Christie in Outlander Season 6. This is going to be extra exciting with Alexander Vlahos attending the event. Will we get a Christie sibling photo op? I hope so!

Then there’s Stephen Walters, who plays the lovable Angus. We haven’t seen Angus since the second season, but Walters is no stranger to Outlander conventions. It will be great to see him again. Now if we could have Rupert join him, that would be awesome!

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Who are you excited to see at Sasnak City 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sasnak City 2022 takes place Nov. 17 to 20, 2022. Stay tuned for 2023 details.