Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 49 breakdown

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Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /
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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

The foreshadowing in this chapter is certainly in the battle to come. Does William have it right about the Indians? I think it certainly foreshadows the failed battle to come, but we already knew that was coming. We know from Bree and Roger that there’s a failed battle and Burgoyne is part of it.

Another bit of foreshadowing is William’s struggle with his identity when he learns that Jamie is his father. He has a lot of negative things to say about the Scots and the Indians. It won’t be long until he learns that he is half Scottish, and his cousin was part of the Mohawk tribe. It’s no wonder he struggles with everything when he learns the truth. There’s a lot about himself that he needs to break down and reassess.

Adapting An Echo in the Bone chapter

I’m not sure we’ll see this chapter play out in full, but I do hope we do. It would add some humor to Outlander Season 7, and we’re going to need humor. Plus, it gives us the less likable side of William, and we’ll need to see characters fully fleshed out in the TV series.

The only reason I’m uncertain about it is that it doesn’t really push much of the story ahead. It’s more filler than anything else, but sometimes filler offers something other than plot development.

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