Who is Benedict Arnold in Outlander Season 7 (Is it the real Benedict Arnold?)

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 7 has found its Benedict Arnold. Who is this character in the books? Is this the actual Benedict Arnold from history?

We have some new faces joining Outlander in the seventh season. One of them is Rod Hallett, who will play the role of Benedict Arnold. You’ve all heard of the name, but is it possible that Claire and Jamie will come across the infamous traitor?

Benedict Arnold was on the American side of the Revolutionary War until he wasn’t. He is famously known for switching sides. Could this be the same man the Frasers will come up against? We can use the books to find out. The character does appear in An Echo in the Bone.

Meeting Benedict Arnold in Outlander Season 7

Yes, this is the same man that we know from history. That’s not all too surprising when you consider the umber of real people from history the books (and the show) have included. We’ve had King Louis, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and even the Comte St. Germain. In the series, we got to meet George Washington.

Is it really that surprising that another figure from history is in the story? Why wouldn’t we get to meet Benedict Arnold considering his role with the Patriots all the way up to when he defected?

During An Echo in the Bone, Claire and Jamie make it clear that they are working with the Continental Army. We’re at around 1776 at this point, which is when Benedict Arnold is still on the American side. Considering how often the Frasers come into contact with famous people from history, of course they’re going to come across this figure. It does mean they end up close to New York, and I’m not going to spoil how that happens.

It’s really only a minor part of the story. That will probably stay that way for the series, and it’s more of just a name-drop and a chance to point out where in the history of the Revolutionary War the story is set.

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