Outlander Book Club: An Echo in the Bone Chapter 34 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Bree thinking about work. Rob Cameron has been making his notes in the most unprofessional way, and I think part of that is linked to the way he views Bree. He doesn’t see her as his legitimate boss, so he’s making life as difficult as possible for her. At the same time, there’s something in his notes that foreshadows some things.

Bree hears a humming, which she initially thinks is linked to time travel. However, she realizes that Roger is trying to sing. This leads to a conversation about the children, and it turns out that Jemmy can sing. He should join the choir at St. Stephens.

This is great for Bree and Mandy. They can now attend the Presbyterian services without questions since they’re both Catholic. Roger just gets to be a proud father.

I love that we get some focus on what lunch is like for the two of them in the 20th century compared to the 18th century. It’s something small, but meaningful. It just shows the type of things that they miss.

However, there is a conversation about time travel in the chapter. Bree mentions to Roger what she felt in the tunnel and they look at a reference to the dam. Bree offers to go back, but it’s clear that she’s reluctant. She also doesn’t want Roger to risk anything. Roger notes that he’s felt moments around the Highlands. He’s even taken notes about sensations of time traveling while he’s wandered around.

One of his notes is about the Isle of Lewis and the Callanish Stones. He wonders if they’re another portal.

At the end of the chapter, Roger heads to the Masonic lodge. It’s the first time in 15 years, but he recognizes someone: Mr. Gaugh. It turns out that Lionel Menzies, the principal at the school, is Rob Cameron’s cousin. This is when we learn that Rob is involved in the Scottish National Party (SNP), and Roger wonders about Menzies. Could this be why Menzies wants to keep Gaidhlig in schools?

After all this, Roger and Brianna read the next letter andare surprised to learn that Claire and Jamie are in Fort Ticonderoga. This leads to the two of them researching what happened. Which one will tell them about the fall of the fort? Is it possible that Claire and Jamie were saved from the fire just to end up dying at a later point in history?