When is Derry Girls Season 3 coming to Netflix?

Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Since hearing that Jessica Reynolds is in an episode of Derry Girls Season 3, we’ve been waiting for it to come to Netflix. There’s finally a date!

One show we’ve been waiting for is new episodes of Derry Girls. After bringing us Malva Christie on Outlander, we learned Jessica Reynolds would play a very different role. She’s Wee Deidre in Derry Girls Season 3.

While the episodes have already aired in the UK, we’ve had to wait for them to come to Netflix. The good news is there’s finally an end in sight. Netflix has given us a release date, and there isn’t much longer left to wait.

Derry Girls Season 3 on Netflix in October

All episodes of the third season will arrive on Friday, Oct. 7, and TVLine has some images from the season. This is going to make the perfect binge-watch for Outlander fans. The bad news is that it only gets us through one weekend of Droughtlander. You can make the most of it by watching the first two seasons as well.

Derry Girls is coming to an end after this season. It’s not Netflix’s doing. This isn’t even a Netflix Original Series when it comes to production. It’s a UK series, and it was the creators who determined it was going to be a three-season series. The focus of the series was about teenagers figuring out the way of the world, and there are only so long characters will remain teenagers!

The third season has seven episodes. There will be an episode that involves flashbacks, which is where Reynolds comes in. We head back to the 1970s to see the teenagers’ parents when they were in high school. Just what were they like back in the day? The truth may surprise many.

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Derry Girls Season 3 is coming to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 7.