Men in Kilts Season 2 is not coming in September 2022

Men in Kilts Season 1 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Men in Kilts Season 1 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We would love nothing more than to join Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish on another road trip. Men in Kilts Season 2 isn’t coming to STARZ yet.

We are more than ready to see Sam and Graham hit the road again. We know Men in Kilts Season 2 is happening, and that the episodes have been filmed. The duo took to the roads in New Zealand for the new season.

The bad news is we have to wait a little longer. The series wasn’t on the list of shows coming to STARZ in September. That’s not too surprising with The Serpent Queen getting its premiere in September, but it does mean we’re a little disappointed. That being said, the Catherine de Medici series is certainly going to be worth watching during Droughtlander if you love period dramas.

When will Men in Kilts Season 2 come to STARZ?

How long do we need to wait for the road trip? We’re not likely to see it until The Serpent Queen has finished airing. That’s just the way STARZ works with its content. There are times that two shows air at once, but if that was the case, we’d see a lot of news about Men in Kilts coming in September.

The Serpent Queen has eight episodes to the series. We’re anticipating a week break between episodes somewhere as that’s common for STARZ, so we’re looking at nine weeks from Sept. 11 as the earliest Men in Kilts Season 2 is likely to premiere. That takes us to Sunday, Nov. 13. If there isn’t a week break, we could see Sam and Graham on Sunday, Nov. 6.

There are a lot of other big shows to arrive, though. We could end up seeing Men in Kilts doubled with another show, especially as we near the end of 2022 and the season was slated to return this year.

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Men in Kilts is available to stream on STARZ.