Who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Jamie Fraser was one of the crucial roles to fill in Outlander. Who plays the character in the TV show, and is it who Diana Gabaldon originally imagined?

When Ron D. Moore decided to turn the Outlander books into a TV series, he had his work cut out for him. Who could take on the role as iconic as Jamie Fraser? There was no way the series would survive if the wrong person was cast for this role.

With the descriptions of Jamie, it felt impossible to find someone. In the end, Jamie Fraser was the first role cast on the show. It turned out that it was Claire who was the hardest character to cast. Did the actor fit the thoughts Diana Gabaldon had for the character?

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander

As Outlander fans, we all know who ended up landing the iconic role. Sam Heughan was immediately cast, leading to the development of the series.

Since being cast, he definitely proved himself as Jamie. He has brought this character to life, and now it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role. However, he wasn’t the person Diana Gabaldon imagined in the role at first.

As we previously shared, Gabaldon originally pictured Liam Neeson or Sean Connery. This isn’t surprising considering when the book series was originally created. Both Neeson and Connery were younger, and they may have been able to fit the bill for a movie. They wouldn’t work for the TV series now.

What’s surprising is that Gabaldon wasn’t initially impressed with the casting of Sam Heughan. Well, just look at where we are now!

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What did you initially think of Heughan landing the role of Jamie Fraser? Who did you imagine playing the role before the series began? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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