Maria Doyle Kennedy leads Recipes for Love and Murder for Acorn TV

Recipes for Love and Murder -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Recipes for Love and Murder -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

If you’re looking for something during Droughtlander, Acorn TV will have Recipes for Love and Murder starring Maria Doyle Kennedy very soon. Here’s all we know so far.

We need something for Droughtlander, and we love to support the Outlander cast and producers. So, there’s no doubt you’ll want to check out an upcoming series. Maria Doyle Kennedy plays the lead in Recipes for Love and Murder.

The series is only going to be on Acorn TV. That does mean another streaming platform, but it is a great one. This is full of British, Canadian, and mainland European content. There is something for everyone, although crime dramas seem to be the most popular.

What is Recipes for Love and Murder about?

The new series stars Doyle Kennedy as Tannie Maria; that’s “Auntie Maria” in Afrikaans. Yes, the series is set in South Africa, in the beautiful region of the Karoo. Doyle Kennedy plays a recipe writer for a newspaper, but she finds out that her column is being cut. What will she do?

She decides to ask to become an advice columnist instead. That leads to her getting a letter from a woman who writes about her abusive husband. When the writer is found dead, Maria finds herself engrossed in the case. She wants to solve the mystery. Was it the husband, or was it someone else?

Sh ends up joining forces with Jessie September, a rookie journalist who isn’t afraid to take risks. The two work hard to catch the killer before more victims turn up, but they’re going to make enemies along the way.

There are 10 episodes to the series. The first two episodes are coming out on Monday, Sept. 5 (yes, Labor Day!). The remaining episodes will be released weekly.

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Recipes for Love and Murder will premiere on Monday, Sept. 5 on Acorn TV.