Derry Girls Season 3 is not coming to Netflix in August 2022

Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Eyes are currently on shows that will help us get through Droughtlander. We hoped Derry Girls Season 3 would be one of them, but it’s not coming out yet.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like Derry Girls is anything like Outlander. How could it be something for Droughtlander? Well, while the shows have nothing in common, Derry Girls is still a great series to watch while waiting for Outlander Season 7.

One of the biggest reasons to watch it is for the one episode Jessica Reynolds is in. This is a chance to see Malva Christie in a very different way. It’s always good to support the Outlander stars in other projects, and we love seeing actors take on vastly different roles to the ones we’ve seen.

However, we have to wait for Derry Girls Season 3 to see Reynolds in the series. There’s a wait on our hands for that, as it was not on the list of August 2022 releases.

When will Derry Girls Season 3 come to Netflix?

The season has already aired in the UK. This is a series that airs on Channel 4 over there, and the episodes aired in April and May of this year. Internationally, the show is classed as a Netflix Original after gaining exclusive licensing rights.

We just have to wait to be able to see it. The second season took 115 days from the UK air date to the Netflix release according to What’s On Netflix. That means we could have to wait that length of time for the third and final season, so we’re looking at a September release date. That will mean something to help us get through a bit more of Droughtlander.

The first two seasons are available to stream. If you haven’t started watching them yet, now is a good time to do so.

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Derry Girls is available to stream on Netflix.