Outlander Book Club: A Breath of Snow and Ashes Chapter 115 breakdown

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While it is Independence Day in the Colonies, Claire isn’t thinking about that. She is worried about a sleeping Mandy. The only option is to get Mandy to the 20th century. When Claire left in 1968, heart surgery was still risky, especially on an infant. She’s likely assuming that medicine will have grown considerably within the last 10 years, which makes sense considering the growth she will have seen from the 1950s to the 1960s.

Before she can think too much, Jamie and Ian come into the room laughing. They have been in a fight, and they used a fish as a weapon. I love seeing the bonding between uncle and nephew. I would love to see more of this humorous bonding in the TV show now that we have some of the weighted storylines out of the way.

It turns out Young Ian put something up his nose during the fight for safekeeping. Now he can’t get it out. Claire uses snuff to make Ian sneeze it out. It’s a sherry-colored gem, which Ian knew was necessary for time travel. He got it from Forbes, although did he take it, blackmail for it, or was it given? We don’t get to find out.

Despite all the commotion, Mandy hasn’t woken up. I’m always surprised when reading this since my two seemed to wake up from the slightest noise. However, I know a lot of babies that sleep through everything!

At the end, Jamie holds the gem over Mandy’s crib. She reaches up for it without waking up, making it very clear that she can time travel.