The Time Traveler’s Wife cancelled or renewed: Is Season 2 happening?

The Time Traveler's Wife. Image courtesy Barbara Nitke, HBO
The Time Traveler's Wife. Image courtesy Barbara Nitke, HBO /

There is some bad news for Outlander fans using The Time Traveler’s Wife to get through Droughtlander. The series has been cancelled by HBO.

One of the shows we recently recommended to get through Droughtlander was The Time Traveler’s Wife. We still recommend it, but you’ll want to be aware that it will end with a cliffhanger and a lot of questions. The first season finale wasn’t written as a series finale, and now there’s bad news from HBO.

The Time Traveler’s Wife has been cancelled by the network. There is no Season 2 coming, and that means we don’t get to meet Clare and Henry’s daughter—that’s not a spoiler considering it comes straight from the book!

Why was The Time Traveler’s Wife cancelled?

HBO made the decision to cancel the series but has not given a clear reason to HBO. It’s highly likely that this is due to the ratings. It always comes down to the ratings, even for networks that don’t rely on advertising. The networks are a business, and it’s something we have to remember when it comes to watching the content created.

If the ratings weren’t strong enough, HBO would have not really wanted to put in the risk of a second season. Shows, especially shows that involve time travel, are expensive to produce. If not enough people are subscribing to the likes of HBO or HBO Max to watch the series, there’s not the money coming in to support them.

It is sad for those who enjoyed it, though. This was a series that helped to flesh out some elements of the novel, giving us more of a story around Henry’s time-traveling ability and the friendship group and the family as a whole. It would have been great to see what was to come next and just how Henry did lose his feet.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife is available to stream on HBO and HBO Max.