Derry Girls Season 3 is not coming to Netflix in July 2022

Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Derry Girls season 2 Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Derry Girls Season 3 has already aired in full in the UK. We’re still waiting for it to arrive on Netflix in the U.S. When will that be?

If you’re looking for a show to get through Droughtlander, Derry Girls may not be your first pick. It’s completely different to Outlander, including the fact that it’s focused on Northern Ireland instead of Scotland and is about a group of Catholic school girls (and a boy) in the 1990s.

That being said, there are a lot of reasons to watch it. One of those is that there is an Outlander connection. Jessica Reynolds, who plays Malva Christie in Outlander, is in one episode of Derry Girls Season 3.

The six-episode season has aired in the UK now. All we want to know is how long we need to wait for it to arrive on Netflix in North America.

When is Derry Girls Season 3 coming to Netflix?

We should see Derry Girls Season 3 arrive sometime in 2022. The exact timing hasn’t been confirmed yet. What’s On Netflix states that it took 115 days for Season 2 to join Netflix after airing in the UK. With that in mind, we’re looking at a September release date for Season 3.

The third season is the final season. This is one of those shows that needed an ending. After all, it’s a coming-of-age comedy so things needed to wrap up as the girls entered adulthood. It is a shame, though. After all, it’s not like the Troubles just suddenly came to an end.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for details about this series. While we wait, it’s worth checking out the first two seasons during Droughtlander.

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Derry Girls is available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned for the updates about Derry Girls Season 3 and more.