Summer Solstice 2022: Watch out for the open portals in Outlander

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The portals are open in the world of Outlander today. It’s the Summer Solstice, and it is an important date for one character traveling through the stones.

Tuesday, June 21 marks the Summer Solstice in 2022. It’s an important day in nature when the day is at its longest and the night is at its shortest. This is a big day in the pagan calendars, and there’s no doubt that means it’s an important day for the world of Outlander.

The portals are open. Don’t get too close to some standing stones as you may end up being pulled through. Carry some gems on you just in case to make your passage easier to direct.

Roger travels through the stones in Outlander

The Summer Solstice is a big day for one character going through the stones. It’s when Roger heads through in Drums of Autumn. The time of year isn’t all that clear in Outlander Season 4, but it does look similar.

This is months after Brianna travels through. She heads through at Beltane, which matches when Claire went through for the first time in the books. Roger learns that Bree has headed to the past when she learns her parents are going to die in a house fire. She needs to do what she can to protect them.

However, Roger knows just how dangerous the past is for Brianna. This is a time period when women are nothing more than property. There are huge risks to her traveling along, and Roger wants to get to the past to catch up with her and keep her safe. They do come across each other, but that’s not for long. It takes some time for the two to get a happy life together.

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Are you taking a special trip to some standing stones today? Which is your favorite time of year for Outlander mythology? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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