Is Jamie Fraser in Outlander a real person?

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Diana Gabaldon is historically accurate in a lot of cases in Outlander. What about Jamie Fraser’s character? Is he based on a real person?

There are a lot of real historical events throughout Outlander. We also see a number of real people. Throughout the years, we’ve seen the Duke of Sandringham and King Philip of France, and the show has even included George Washington. What about all the other characters in the story?

Jamie Fraser is the one who stands out. Is he a real person in history, or is this just a fictional character who appears to be based on someone real?

Jamie Fraser is connected to real people in Outlander

Jamie as a character himself is not based on a real person. Diana Gabaldon has often shared that the inspiration for the character came from Doctor Who. One of the Companions in the OG series was called Jamie and would wear a kilt.

However, there are some elements of his character that are based on reality. One of those is the name James Fraser. It is a popular name, so that’s not surprising. However, there was a man named Fraser who survived Culloden.

There was even a man nicknamed the “Dun Bonnet.” This was a man who escaped Culloden and avoided capture for years. The Dun Bonnet was even called “James Fraser.” The nickname the “Dun Bonnet” came from the locals as they knew he was hiding, and they weren’t going to turn him into the British.

Jamie’s grandfather in the series, Simon Lovat, is a real person in history. The Frasers of Lovat were a real clan, and they did end up fighting on the side of the Jacobites. Simon Lovat was the last man executed at the Tower of London by beheading and nobody knows where his body has actually been buried.

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