When was the first Outlander book published?

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Outlander has become a popular book series over the years. How long has the series been out? When was the first book published?

If you haven’t checked out the Outlander books, you’ll want to get on it right away. The TV series has certainly helped to further boost the popularity of the book series. Of course, the books were popular in the first place since they were turned into a TV series.

Because of the books and the show, tourism around Scotland has grown. There is still an importance of respecting the land you’re on when it comes to most of the locations (especially the battlefield!), but it is great to see the Outlander effect.

You’ve likely come across people who have read the books before you. Just how long have they been out?

Outlander Book 1 was published back in 1991

World Outlander Day has just passed. That was on June 1, and it marks the day the first book was published.

It’s hard to believe that the book was published back in 1991. Yes, June 1, 1991 was the date this novel was out, making last year the 30th anniversary of the novel.

You may have your hands on a book called Cross Stitch that seems to follow the exact story as the one you’re used to. That’s because the two books are the same, and they were published at the same time. Cross Stitch was the UK version of the story, and there are a few changes in the book. One of the biggest is the year Claire travels from. She travels from 1946 instead of 1945 to fit what was really going on after the War in the UK.

Dragonfly in Amber only took another year until it was published, and then it was two years for Voyager. From there, there are longer breaks between the books, and there is one more book in the main series to come.

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