What’s included in the Outlander Season 6 Collector’s Edition?

Outlander Season 6 DVD boxset -- Courtesy of Think Jam PR
Outlander Season 6 DVD boxset -- Courtesy of Think Jam PR /

Like previous seasons, we’re getting an Outlander Season 6 Collector’s Edition boxset. What are the bonus features included in the release?

We are certainly spoilt when it comes to Outlander on DVD and Blu-ray. There are a lot of choices, and one of them is the Collector’s Edition. This version comes with a beautiful cover and a few extra additions when it comes to the bonus features.

The Collector’s Edition is only in Blu-ray format. If you have an older DVD player, you’ll want to think about upgrading to the better quality format. There should be a Digital code for that copy, though.

Outlander Season 6 Collector’s Edition bonus features

Spread over four discs, the boxset comes with all eight episodes of the season. That’s not surprising. There’s no point getting the boxset without the episodes, right?

Then there are the bonus features. You’ll get all the bonus features that you would have if you got the DVD and Blu-ray combo pack. These are:

  • Two Outlander Untold Scenes
  • A Look into the Animation: Outlander Untold
  • Family Matters: The Ghosts of Trauma
  • Two Blooper Reels

You’ll see that the deleted scenes are missing. This is the big reason to get the Collector’s Edition. All deleted scenes, including the one released on YouTube, will be included in the Outlander Season 6 Collector’s Edition. You’ll also get the following extra bonuses:

  • 9 Lives: Claire & Jamie’s Shootout
  • Episode Commentaries

We’re certainly excited for the commentary. The usual Inside the World featurettes weren’t included this year, and they were certainly missed. This wasn’t due to Matt B. Roberts and others not wanting to do them. It was a studio decision, and we’re hoping Sony thinks again for Outlander Season 7.

Usually, the Collector’s Edition includes a snippet from one of Diana Gabaldon’s books—usually the upcoming book. It doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case this time. Work has only recently started in earnest on Book 10 recently and there won’t be the first chapter ready to share with others just yet.

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Outlander Season 6 Collector’s Edition will be available to buy on Tuesday, Sept. 6.