What’s included in the Outlander Season 6 DVD release?

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

We always look forward to seeing new seasons of Outlander on DVD and Blu-ray. It means bonus features. What’s on the Outlander Season 6 DVD?

One of the great things about STARZ is that it brings its content to DVD and Blu-ray. Outlander always gets various types of physical releases. You can get the DVD boxset, or you can upgrade to the Blu-ray or Collector’s Edition.

With each type, you’ll get different bonus features. The more you spend, the more bonus features you get.

The Outlander Season 6 DVD boxset is coming on Tuesday, Sept. 6. What can you expect to get in the form of bonus features?

Outlander Season 6 DVD bonus features

There are four bonus features to look forward to. This is as well as the Digital copy of episodes that you’ll also be able to get with the DVD release.

Fans will get to see:

  • Two Outlander Untold Scenes
  • A Look into the Animation: Outlander Untold
  • Family Matters: The Ghosts of Trauma
  • Two Blooper Reels

The blooper reels are always fun. They give us a chance to see the actors mess up with their lines, fall over, or just break out in laughter at some of the things that have happened. Usually, we only get one blooper reel, so getting two is extra special.

I’m also looking forward to the Outlander Untold stories. They have been exciting additions to the previous two season boxsets, and they allow us more time with some of the side characters. It’s not clear which characters will get the focus this time.

There is also an extra Outlander Untold featurette. This is a chance to se the animation for the series. Sure, there’s not animation as we know it for cartoons, but there is CGI needed. Fans don’t often know just how much work goes into a series, so it’s great that the show is going behind the scenes so we get to see why it takes so long in post-production.

Just a note that when you buy the Outlander Season 6 DVD boxset, you’re getting the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital combo pack.

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Which bonus features are you looking forward to seeing in the Outlander Season 6 DVD boxset? Share in the comments below.

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